Pour point depressants market to reach $935mn by 2025

Pour point depressants market to reach $935mn by 2025
Published: 10 June 2019 - 5 a.m.
By: Martin Menachery
The pour point depressants (PPD) market is set to grow from its current market value of more than $685mn to over $935mn by 2025, as reported in the latest study by Global Market Insights.

Increasing technological advancements along with growing sales of passenger and heavy-duty vehicles is likely to stimulate pour point depressants market growth. Rising consumer focus on high performance, efficient fuel additives has made consumers choose products, which reduce wax precipitation in oil, thereby driving market demand.

These products are widely used as fuel additives in marine and oil and gas industries as they prohibit the formation and deposition of wax crystals in oil and offer stable performance even at low temperature conditions. Rising demand for temperature resistant and shear stable products in industries should stimulate product demand in the pour point depressants market.

Poly alpha olefins PPD market demand may observe gains at over 4% by 2025. Poly alpha olefins offer high oxidative and thermal stability, are non-toxic and provide wear and tear protection, which are major key drivers of the pour point depressants market. These are extensively used in hydraulic fluids and automotive additives pertaining to their stability in extremely cold climate conditions.

Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) pour point depressants market size from lubricant industry exceeded $70mn in 2018 owing to the increasing importance of maintenance of vehicles for optimum performance. Various lubricant additives are added to base oil to increase the fuel efficiency and provide optimised oil flow behaviour in extreme cold climates. These products contain pour point depressant and viscosity modifier, which improve low temperature mobility and offer smooth transportation of oil, which is predicted to boost industry growth.

The US poly alkyl methacrylates pour point depressant growth may witness over 3% gains during the forecast period. Rising economic growth along with increasing online sales of automotive products to enhance performance efficiency will drive pour point depressants market.

Growing urbanisation has resulted in increased distance between work and leisure facilities, which has escalated the production of passenger vehicles and public transport vehicles. These products are capable of providing exceptional fuel efficiency, enhance the overall performance of automotive, which has shifted consumer focus on usage of high-quality fuel additives, thereby driving domestic product demand.

Germany EVA pour point depressants market size is expected to surpass $10mn up to 2025. Rising consumer inclination towards air transport pertaining to its time saving ability has made air transportation cheaper and open to more consumers. Pour point depressants are added to jet fuel to prevent wax formation, which could reduce oil flow in the system and enhance fuel lubricity along with preventing serious disasters caused by aviation fuel freezing, which is poised to stimulate product demand.

China styrene esters pour point depressants market demand from oil extraction applications is expected to witness gains at above 4% by the end of forecast period. Rising production and exploration activities in the country requires technologically advanced drilling equipment to achieve optimum oil recovery. PPD based products are utilised in oil extraction process owing to their capability to withdraw oil below its normal pour point. These products prevent wax deposition without having harmful consequences on the quality of finished product.

Companies are focusing to expand their business by strategic collaborations with focus on R&D to enhance the product portfolio.

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