UAE-based Falcon Eye Drones ranked seventh globally

UAE-based Falcon Eye Drones ranked seventh globally
Published: 23 October 2019 - 3 a.m.
By: Martin Menachery
Falcon Eye Drones (FEDS Drone-powered Solutions), the UAE born drone service provider has been ranked 12th globally and made it on the Top 40 Drone Service Providers 2019 list released by DRONEII.COM. It was also ranked 7th globally in the category of mapping, surveying, and inspections. FEDS Drone-powered Solutionsis the only company based in the Middle East out of40 other listed DSPs. The ranking is assigned on the basis ofsize of the company, market shares and sales figures, number of followers, public attention, and the extent of their web activity.

“We are very honored to make it to the list of the 40 best global drone service providers and to represent the UAE and the whole region considering most of the listed companies originate from the US, UK, and other European countries. We have grown tremendously since our inception in 2014 while making our contribution to efficient and sustainable drone practices,” said RabihBou Rashid, CEO of Falcon Eye Drones.

The company has successfully completed 200+ projects in the Middle East and Africa and celebrated 13,000 flights this year. While FEDS Drone-powered Solutionsattribute its overall business success to the hard work, dedication, and determination to follow set plans and timelines, local government played an instrumental role in their growth.

“We were always encouraged by the UAE government and the Royal family as they were welcoming any drone company to work and succeed. They have created a very favorable environment encouraging innovation across all the industries in the country. Regulations UAE put in place in such a swift and efficient manner also created a very good climate for drone operation companies to thrive. With such tremendous support from the government, any drone company can be successful should the time be right, product and service offerings relevant to the market demand and their business ideas viable,” added Bou Rashid.

FEDS Drone-powered Solutionsutilizes the latest technology applications, data collection and analytics tools powered by AI. With 4 types of drones (fixed-wings, multirotor, indoor-drones, submersible ROV) and at least 15 different models, FEDS Drone-powered Solutionsdeliversstunning aerial photography, 3D mapping, aerial surveys, inspections, or any other aerial services with each solution uniquely tailored to their clients’ needs. While company already has presence in the UAE and in Saudi Arabia, FEDS Drone-powered Solutions’long term plans include further expansion across GCC countries, followed by wider Middle East and Africa region. They are also planning to increase their vertical outreach serving more sectors in the region and have ambitious plans to grow their operations internationally.

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