Middle East Energy Awards: Saudi Aramco wins 2019 Technical Innovation of the Year Award

Middle East Energy Awards: Saudi Aramco wins 2019 Technical Innovation of the Year Award
Energy ME awards 2019 held at Play restaurant H hotel
Published: 30 September 2019 - 5 a.m.
By: Martin Menachery
The Auto Well Space Out technology is based on installing an edge-based Internet of Things (IoT) platform for automatic space out of a drill-string assembly while drilling hydrocarbon wells. The platform consists of smart, waterproof, high resolution wireless cameras, or any other image, or vision sensor, for image/video capture and edge/fog computing hardware and software powered by artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning for image/video processing and intelligent analytics.

The IoT platform enables collecting, validating and enriching data at the edge to identify patterns and create models to show the position of joints relative to the BOP on a real-time visual analytical dashboard so that blowout preventer (BOP) rams will not close against a tool joint. This is a critical step in well control as this then allows the well to be shut down and shut in reliably and efficiently in the event of a kick.

This is the first time an IoT platform is implemented on a drilling rig in Saudi Arabia. The technology provides a deep understanding on how to connect smart sensors, perform in-depth analytics through artificial intelligence and machine learning at the edge, and prompt users for action. The technologies incorporated in the IoT platform take advantage of the emerging technologies aligned with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, such as smart sensors, machine learning, data analytics and edge/fog computing.

I am delighted on behalf of the team at Saudi Aramco for the recognition of all the effort that has gone into coming up with this innovation. There is a large team of people involved from multiple departments who had to pull together to not only come up with the invention but also to implement it at the rig site,” said Mike Affleck, senior petroleum engineer – EXPEC ARC, drilling technology team, Saudi Aramco.

The ‘highly commended’ nomination in this category is for Saudi Aramco for its Smart Water-based Polymer Flooding.

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