DuPont Clean Technologies wins Next Wave Energy Partners contract for STRATCO alkylation technology

DuPont Clean Technologies wins Next Wave Energy Partners contract for STRATCO alkylation technology
Published: 11 February 2020 - 6 a.m.
By: Martin Menachery
DuPont Clean Technologies has been awarded the contract to supply Next Wave Energy Partners with licensing, engineering and proprietary equipment for a STRATCO alkylation unit near the Houston Ship Channel in Pasadena, Texas, known as Project Traveler.

In order to meet North America’s growing octane demand and desire for cleaner-burning gasoline, Next Wave commissioned DuPont for a STRATCO alkylation unit with 28,000bpsd of alkylate production capacity from an ethylene feedstock.

The STRATCO alkylation unit will enable Next Wave to generate low-sulphur, high-octane, low-Rvp alkylate with zero olefins that exceeds the current US gasoline specifications with an octane greater than 96.0 (R+M)/2. Start-up is targeted for mid-2022.

“DuPont is excited to provide Next Wave with our STRATCO alkylation technology in the world’s first stand-alone alkylation complex,” said Kevin Bockwinkel, global licensing business manager, STRATCO alkylation technology.

This is truly a one-of-a-kind complex that will be key in supplying a high-quality gasoline blendstock to the market. The Next Wave alkylation unit will utilise several of the latest innovations from DuPont as we continue our commitment to providing the most advanced and efficient technology to our customers.

Dan Fahey, vice president, engineering and technology, Next Wave, commented: “We value the relationship and technical contributions by DuPont over the last several years to progress our project to final investment decision. DuPont has supported Project Traveler in a role that is more than just a supplier of technology; they have become a trusted advisor who will be with us through the life of the unit.

The STRATCO alkylation technology is the established global leader in the industry with over 100 units licensed worldwide and more than 915,000bpsd (35,800kmta) of installed capacity. STRATCO alkylation technology is a sulphuric acid catalysed process that converts low-value olefins into high-value alkylate, a key desirable component for clean fuel. With units built over 80 years still in operation, the STRATCO alkylation technology is a highly effective, reliable solution for producing produce cleaner-burning fuel with high octane, a low Rvp, low sulphur and zero olefins.

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