Interview: Rolando Casanova, general manager, Internel

Interview: Rolando Casanova, general manager, Internel
Rolando Casanova, general manager of Internel
Published: 27 March 2018 - 8 a.m.

Can you tell us something about Internel?

Internel is a Swiss logistics service group, offering professional product consolidation and export solutions for companies with headquarters and warehouses outside of Europe. We work neutrally in respect to freight forwarders and courier companies and for over 250 clients in over 50 countries. Our consolidation and distribution centres in Germany and Poland are modular and fast adaptable to the needs of our clients. Our team has over 20 years of experience in consolidating individual supplier deliveries and exporting them consolidated all over the world, mainly to MENA territories. With above 50,000 successful consolidation and shipments, eliminating hundred thousands of individual supplier deliveries at high costs for our clients, we bring extensive experience in FMCG, electronics, pharmaceuticals, optics, medical devices, automotive and e-commerce supply chains to your business.

Do you have any clients in the Middle East?

Yes, we deal with several optical and pharmaceutical wholesalers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrein, Oman, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. To be concrete I am talking about the Al Amin Medical Group, who runs hospitals, eye clinics and supplies opticians and ophthalmologists within the entire Middle East.

What services do you provide?

We provide highly innovative consolidation services within Europe and forward exports to our clients’ hubs outside of Europe. Instead of getting four, eight or ten individual and costly supplier deliveries per month, our clients get one or two consolidated deliveries instead, and since the volume is much greater, surely at a massively reduced freight cost. For example, suppose a client in the Middle East buys 50 cars from ten brands in Europe. The car manufacturers will organise the shipment with 10 shipping companies and the client will have to pay for the 10 shipments from 10 different places. With Internel, they have a choice: They buy 50 cars, which are carried to a nearby collection point, transit stored for free until all 50 cars are together and then sent in one load by us as professional partner. The savings are huge! We do not export cars, but commodities, machinery and FMCG with the same systematic.

How is Internel different from its competitors?
Our competitors are mainly freight forwarders who – if a client in the Middle East asks, will offer storage and air freight shipping, where they make their living. And this means that there is no interest in shipping at lower costs or consolidating, actually the opposite. At Internel we’re not a forwarder and are a unique neutral and professional distribution centre – for outbound products Europe-Middle East and around the globe. We make our living in a true service and based on getting the best shipping rates – and we’re paid per consolidated shipment service. Hence, we our main focus is to consolidate well and ship most economically, which is actually the opposite of most of our competition.

Do you have any partners?

For sure we work with many airlines and courier companies – as our volumes are big we need several partners, overall as we supply hundreds of thousand annual parcels within our group to consumers and B2B partners alike. However, when it comes to shipping we’re totally independent and prefer to stay customer to carriers than partners. This makes us stay fully neutral, avoids kick-back and keeps the relation on a professional level – all to deliver highest consolidation and export quality and a smooth import for our clients in the Middle East.

Which all countries do you do business in?

We’re headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland and have affiliate offices in Germany and Poland. We work with 250+ wholesalers in 50 countries within Europe, the Middle East and Africa and consolidate regularly for them and their suppliers within Europe.

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