Comment: API Platforms and blockchain will transform logistics

Comment: API Platforms and blockchain will transform logistics
Published: 14 August 2019 - 9:20 a.m.
By: Logistics Middle East Staff

The effectiveness of vital business applications relies on the ability to extract actionable insights from extensive pools of data, enabling enterprises to transform digitally, drive better business performance, streamline workflows, identify supply chain bottlenecks and predict better business outcomes.

Enabling customers to have a complete overview of their operations, such business apps can help deliver products and services faster and smarter. On 4 June, Zebra Technologies launched Savanna Data Services, its cloud-based capability that provides a business overview to help enterprises completely transform their operations without the expense of maintaining and managing a platform.


Savanna Data Services is Zebra’s breakthrough cloud-based offering powered by Zebra’s data intelligence platform known as Zebra Savanna. It allows enterprises to collect and process data from Zebra intelligent edge devices and third-party devices in real time, turning raw data into intelligence and actionable insights.

The platform is designed to help unlock the data’s potential to build more intelligent, productive applications and solutions for digital transformation. This data insight enables businesses to develop the effective new applications and services that ensure a strong and competitive edge.

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are critical to business success as they drive faster innovation and allow developers to craft bespoke business solutions to meet customer needs. Consequently, companies can develop better products and get them to market faster while standing out from the competition.

APIs also make monetisation easier, and as 5G, AI, IoT, blockchain and machine learning technologies start to permeate the business world, it will become more critical to extract meaningful insights from data to drive better business outcomes. This increased transparency and visibility complements the security of blockchain to provide an authentication engine for enterprises.


Building trust with customers and partners is the key to success in today’s fast-paced, technology-led world. Qodenext, a Zebra partner for over 20 years, delivers traceability solutions in the manufacturing and logistics industries.

With the counterfeit market growing, Qodenext uses Savanna’s print APIs and blockchain authentication engine to enable total transparency for its customers needing accurate visibility of their raw materials used during the production and distribution process.

This automation has resulted in significant inventory management savings and increased productivity and staff optimization. Using blockchain allows Qodenext’s customers to create trust so they can demonstrate that their products are 100% genuine.

Zebra’s Savanna platform provides tools for enterprises to unlock the potential of cloud, APIs and data. Refining supply chain workflows through APIs is another example of how technology can adapt to enterprise needs.

Savanna is a key component of Doddle’s returns platform. Doddle, a fulfilment technology solutions provider, uses Savanna to create a cloud-based solution to streamline its returns platform using the blockchain to distribute data across the supply chain.

This enables quick, intelligent decision-making, reduces handling costs and gets inventory back to sale more quickly.

As a technology leader, Zebra is committed to developing a growing library of APIs to help businesses and partners create solutions that will revolutionise their operations procedures, transform workflows, and identify supply chain bottlenecks which will overall help enterprises deliver a performance edge.

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