Man charged for attempted murder of cook in farm warehouse

Man charged for attempted murder of cook in farm warehouse
Published: 23 May 2019 - 8:11 a.m.
By: Logistics Middle East Staff

A 58-year-old worker, charged with attempted murder after he ran over a colleague near a farm warehouse, was sentenced to six months in jail by a Dubai court this week, reports Khaleej Times.

The Court of First Instance earlier heard how the Bangladeshi worker ran over the victim and then attempted to run him down a second time, but was stopped by other workers.

The incident came following a heated altercation at their sponsor's farm.

The court found the defendant guilty of the attempted murder charge and ordered his deportation after he completed his prison sentence.

The incident took place on February 1, 2019.

Prosecutors referred him to trial on a premeditated attempted murder charge, requesting he gets a severe penalty under the law.

The defendant earlier denied the charge in court, claiming it was only an accident and that he did not mean to run over the victim.

However, according to the victim, he had given food leftovers to the accused to feed the sheep when he became irate.

"He got upset because he did not like the bowl I put the food in,” the victim told the court. “We exchanged insults. However, when I went to the warehouse, he deliberately ran over me. I could not avoid the car, fell down and sustained fractures in both arms."

When the defendant reversed and tried to run over him again, he stood up and moved from his way.

"The accused then stepped off and picked up a stick to hit me but people around grabbed him and called the police. He was very agitated,” he said.

“He would always threaten to kill me in that way as he did not like my cooking," the victim added.

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