Nokia deploys private networks for logistics optimisation at GITEX

Nokia deploys private networks for logistics optimisation at GITEX
Published: 9 October 2019 - 12:18 p.m.
By: Logistics Middle East Staff

Nokia is showcasing a range of advanced technology solutions, including mission-critical technologies, Smart City, 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), private LTE, Artificial Intelligence (AI), advanced analytics and asset optimization for Industry 4.0 at GITEX Tech Week 2019.

Of particular note for logistics and shipping are the Container Demo and AI solutions. The Container Demo uses miniature containers to follow parcels throughout their journey on a ship. The containers are equipped with a standalone LTE network with user equipment and sensors, which capture the required data and send it when a connection is established.

The shipping company can use this data for enhancing operational efficiency and control and makes it easier for it to confirm the states of goods.

“If a cold chain container fails for example, the crew will be alerted not only to the nature of the problem, but also the exact location of the container,” explains Stephane Daeuble, head of enterprise solutions marketing, Nokia. “When the engineer reaches the container he can then use a tablet to scan for the problem.”

The system similarly alerts crew to temperature changes and any loss of connection with the container. Most importantly for the shipping sector, it provides a map of the container layout on the vessel, so that lost containers can be quickly identified in the event of an accident.

An average of 1,400 shipping containers go missing at sea every year, and when an accident does occur, such as a collision, fire, or extreme weather, it can take shipping lines up to two weeks to identify the containers and clients affected.

“So with this LTE system they can find the impacted cargo and inform clients faster, and therefore improve customer satisfaction,” adds Daeuble. “And when the ship gets within range of land and a mobile network, Nokia’s WING system then uploads all the content to the head office so that they have a full history of every container’s journey.”

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