Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus allegedly ‘explodes’ whilst on charge

Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus allegedly ‘explodes’ whilst on charge
Wu shared an image of the device to Taiwanese media.
Published: 1 October 2017 - 9:51 a.m.
By: Aasha Bodhani

Apple's newest iPhone 8 Plus has allegedly done a Galaxy Note7, meaning the device reportedly ‘exploded' whilst it was charging.

According to Taiwanese media, the owner, named Wu from Taichung City in Taiwan, purchased the 64GB iPhone 8 Plus on 23 September but three days later Wu said the device ‘exploded'.

Photos of the device where shared, and whilst the iPhone 8 Plus looks damaged as the screen appears to have been pushed out, potentially due to an inflating battery, there are no signs of an explosion as such.

Wu explained that her device has 70% battery life when she put in on charge, but three minutes later it ‘exploded', to which she rushed over in case a fire started.

There is no official report or comment from Apple on how this happened, however the iPhone has been send to an Apple facility for inspection.

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