Survey shows most people have lost precious photos due to phone issues

Survey shows most people have lost precious photos due to phone issues
Epson is suggesting that more people should print their photos.
Published: 4 December 2018 - 8:58 a.m.
By: Mark Sutton

Eighty-nine percent of people in the Middle East & Africa region have lost precious photos due to loss or failure of their mobile phone.

An online survey shows nearly half of respondents (48%) use their mobile as the main storage for their photos, and that most people store between 1,000 and 4,999 unprinted photos on social media accounts, smartphones and cameras.

The survey and accompanying social media campaign, #WishIdPrintedIt, conducted for photo printer seller Epson, shows that more people wish they had used photo printers to print their photos.

The majority of respondents (45%), said that if anyone was looking for photos of them many years from now, they would likely find them on social media.

Epson is recommending that users print their photos, both to give them physical backup, and so that they are able enjoy them as framed photos.

"Epson's #WishIdPrintedIt campaign highlights the importance of capturing your most treasured memories and putting them in tangible photograph form. We realised that, while digital is easy, so many people forget how precious it is to have real life, tangible photographs of your memories around your home, and how holding an actual photograph from a special occasion reminds you of a special moment or a loved one in ways that no digital image can," said Jason Whiley, director of sales, Epson Middle East.

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