New 3rd generation blockchain platform HETACHAIN, launched in Dubai

New 3rd generation blockchain platform HETACHAIN, launched in Dubai
Lootah: “We are driving the whole world into a new ecosystem."
Published: 13 September 2018 - 12:29 p.m.
By: David Ndichu
A newly launched blockchain platform by a Dubai-based investment company wants to solve the numerous problems that have come to be associated with blockchain.  

Network congestion, slow transactions, high network fees, and high-energy consumption have become synonymous with 1st and 2nd Generation Blockchain technology.

HETACHAIN, launched yesterday in Dubai, is a 3rd Generation Blockchain Technology that addresses the faults of its predecessors by solving the problems of scalability, increased transactions per second and energy efficiency, and bringing blockchain technology closer to mass adoption.

HETACHAIN is a fast DPoS + BFT hybrid blockchain network focused on tackling the age-long scalability dilemma and pushing forth a truly democratically governed platform built for industry scale transactions while also uniquely designed for private users. With its array of features integrating a blend of public and individual adoption-focused design through a multi-chain system, users can use HETACHAIN for both public and private blockchain preference.

The HETACHAIN ecosystem consists of smart contracts, Hetacoin, hot and cold Heta Wallets, Heta App Store, Blockchain feature-enablers and comprehensive solutions that enhance its applicability in smart banking, healthcare, e-commerce, trade, telecommunications, data management, investment, cash exchange, and remittance. 

“HETACHAIN is designed to be a diversified ecosystem crossing various sectors such as finance, healthcare, retail, trade, transport and will always upgrade with the changes happening in our societies. The ecosystem is empowered with a 3.0 Blockchain technology, and through it we will provide our Smart Contracts, HetaCoin, Heta Wallet and other technologies,” Sultan Ali Lootah, Chairman and CEO of HETACHAIN said.


In addition to the blockchain platform, the company also announced HETACHAIN’s first ICO, HETA COIN.  

“An ICO is a highly exciting venture which allows people to invest in unique opportunities like HETACHAIN. The HETACHAIN ICO will fully support and engage with companies and people who will positively change the world. I’m looking forward to working with revolutionary influencers and disruptors,” said Norman Khan, Co-Founder, HETACHAIN.

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