A CRM you can talk to

A CRM you can talk to
The power of voice is fundamentally changing the way we work, said Harris.
Published: 20 September 2018 - 2:28 p.m.
By: David Ndichu

Salesforce has launched Einstein Voice, a new platform that allows users to be able to talk to Salesforce CRM.

“We’re in the midst of an incredible technological shift, where the power of voice is fundamentally changing the way we work,” said Parker Harris, co-founder and CTO, Salesforce. “Einstein Voice will usher in a new era of conversational CRM, delivering new levels of productivity and redefining customer experiences with voice technology.”

The emergence of voice-enabled technologies illustrates the unprecedented pace of computing innovation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its widespread impact on the way we work and live. The convergence of connected devices and advancements in natural language processing is rapidly making voice-activated interfaces ubiquitous. Today, one in five U.S. adults have smart speakers in their homes and Capgemini predicts that by 2021, 40% of consumers will use voice technology over apps and websites to do a wide range of activities—from search to shopping. For companies, this represents more than just a new way to interact with technology, but an entirely new way to engage with customers and reimagine business models.

With Einstein Voice Assistant, users can:

- Conversationally update Salesforce: Einstein Voice Assistant removes the friction of repetitive administrative tasks like data entry, giving users their time back by enabling them to simply dictate updates directly into the Salesforce Mobile App. Einstein Voice Assistant will automatically transform the unstructured voice data into action by updating Salesforce records, notifying team members and creating tasks. With Einstein Voice Assistant, users will be able to easily update Salesforce in real-time and run their business from anywhere.

- Get personalised daily briefings: Salesforce users will be able to get tailored readout of key Salesforce metrics and priorities via their preferred voice assistant. Daily Briefings can be configured by admins to focus on what each business requires-from the day’s schedule and key opportunity updates, to an overview of their team's pipeline.

- Explore Salesforce dashboards: Voice commands will allow business users to quickly and easily surface the critical information they need in Salesforce. Instead of manually opening and filtering dashboards, users can now pull up Einstein Analytics dashboards and drill into granular detail using their voice. For example, a sales manager can run pipeline review meetings more smoothly by simply asking Einstein to bring up their pipeline dashboard, dive into a specific region and identify their top local deals.

Since Einstein is built on the Salesforce Platform, customers will also be able to build their own voice bots on the Einstein Bot Platform that are connected to Salesforce CRM data and integrated with smart speakers. Einstein Voice Bots will enable companies to create custom voice-enabled interactions for their own customers and employees.

Admins will be able to build voice-powered bots that are connected to Salesforce in a matter of a few clicks and deploy them on the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. For example, a rental car company could deploy an Einstein Voice Bot to enable their customers to update a reservation with a simple voice command to the smart speaker of their choice. The Einstein Voice Bot would then source responses from knowledge articles in Service Cloud and share verbal answers to help quickly resolve the customer’s case.

Einstein Voice Bots can also be customised to match corporate branding to provide a seamless and consistent experience. For instance, a rental car company can now create a custom command using Einstein Voice Bots so their customers can update reservations in Salesforce simply by asking the Google Assistant or Alexa.

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