Oculus VR touch controllers mistakenly included 'creepy' messages inside

Oculus VR touch controllers mistakenly  included 'creepy' messages inside
The Oculus is a VR headset from facebook
Published: 14 April 2019 - 6:29 a.m.
Oculus touch controllers built with hidden messages inside their casings were accidentally included in controllers headed for consumers.

In a report from Techspot, the messages were meant to be a little joke between Oculus and their development community which are commonplace in most hardware development companies. Oculus co-founder Nate Mitchell had confirmed on Twitter that the messages were mistakenly added into several thousand controllers headed for consumer hands.

These messages or 'Easter Eggs' as they are termed have been quite common place in the gaming world and have extended to gaming hardware recently. The messages can be anything from silly messages, call outs from developers or hidden clues for players who can get rewarded if they figure it out and now consumers may land up with controllers with these messages.

Inside the touch controller are messages like, "This Space For Rent" and “Hi iFixit! We See You!” The controllers haven't been received by customers as they are for the new Oculus Quest and Rift S VR headsets.

Mitchell went on to confirm that these were intended to be in prototype units. The messages do seem harmless but some of them in particular have lines like, "Big Brother is Watching" can have an egregious meaning attached to it since this is a facebook product all things considered. The accident is being receieved with mixed responses from various outlets but the general consensus on social media appreciated the humor involved.

While he appreciated the easter eggs, Mitchell said the inclusion of these messages was “inappropriate” and should have been removed. He went on to say that the integrity and functionality of the hardware was not compromised, and they've fixed their process so this won't happen again.

The controllers won't be recalled but on a positive note, these units could become collector's items for VR users should they find one.

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