Oman Gas leverages digital DNA to increase reliability performance by 9% with AssetWise Asset Reliability

Oman Gas leverages digital DNA to increase reliability performance by 9% with AssetWise Asset Reliability
Published: 9 January 2019 - 5 a.m.

Oman Gas Company (OGC) has adopted an advanced reliability and integrity program that ensures production availability to meet its customer demands and achieve its goal of becoming “a world-class midstream gas value chain company.”

The organisation has digitized its reliability and maintenance program by implementing Bentley’s AssetWise Asset Reliability solution. To reduce human intervention and avoid human fault analysis, the system leverages the inherent capabilities of AssetWise Asset Reliability to automate several processes including:

• Ensuring the reliability, availability, and maintainability of the facilities down to the equipment level

• Bad-actor analysis

• Alert and email notification of equipment condition

• Follow up reminder of RCA recommendation

• Approval route for bad actor, RCA, RCM, and RBI

• Automatic analysis and notifications for operator routine duties using handheld devices

The software utilizes these inputs to calculate reliability and availability of an individual asset based on an exponential reliability model. The weekly calculations are based on series and parallel configurations, which were previously performed monthly by a dedicated reliability engineer using Excel spreadsheets.

The system introduces digital workflows using handheld devices for routine operator duties to bridge the disconnect between engineers and field operators by mapping trends, monitoring operational parameters, and providing necessary technical support remotely. It also ensures that operational key performance indicators (KPIs) are achieved by monitoring the compliance status regularly.

Bentley’s AssetWise Asset Reliability solution triggers an alert and email notification as soon as any value is out of range. With this technology, OGC has calculated a significant increase in reliability performance. This calculation is based on failure reduction against Mean Time to Repair and Cost of Lost Production Opportunity, which greatly impacts revenues and profits.

Fahmi Reza, head of reliability and condition monitoring, Oman Gas Company, said, “The auto-alert and email notification features of Bentley’s AssetWise Asset Reliability are enabling us to improve our reliability growth at a significant rate of about 9 percent in a year.”



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