Samsung Galaxy Fold to officially unfold in September

Samsung Galaxy Fold to officially unfold in September
Published: 25 July 2019 - 6:06 a.m.

Samsung's first foldable smartphone will go on sale in September after problems with the device delayed its initial release.

The nearly $2,000 Samsung Galaxy Fold was supposed to launch in April but after multiple early reviewers reported problems involving screens breaking or getting damaged, the launch was postponed.

The company rightfully pulled the product after it mirrored the launch of the Galaxy Note 7's exploding battery. Samsung says it's now "made improvements to Galaxy Fold to ensure consumers have the best possible experience." 

Samsung says it has taken the time to fully evaluate the product design, make necessary improvements and run rigorous tests to validate the changes made. These design and construction improvements now include some  fixes.

The top protective layer of the Infinity Flex Display has been extended beyond the bezel, making it apparent that it is an integral part of the display structure and not meant to be removed. While the Galaxy Fold features additional reinforcements to better protect the device from external particles while maintaining its foldable experience.

The top and bottom of the hinge area have been strengthened with newly added protection caps.

    • Additional metal layers underneath the Infinity Flex Display have been included to reinforce the protection of the display.

    • The space between the hinge and body of Galaxy Fold has been reduced.

    • Along with these improvements, Samsung has also been working to improve the overall Galaxy Fold user experience, including optimizing more apps and services for its unique foldable UX. Samsung is conducting final product tests to make Galaxy Fold available to consumers starting from September in select markets. Presumably, the UAE and Saudi Arabia are two of the key markets Samsung will be targetting.

Second time's the charm for Samsung as they look to release this phone into consumer hands as chinese smartphone brand Huawei is also looking at September at their foldable phone launch as well.

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