Galaxy Fold launch date to be decided this week, says Samsung’s CEO

Galaxy Fold launch date to be decided this week, says Samsung’s CEO
Published: 11 May 2019 - 4:24 p.m.
Samsung will reveal the launch date of the Samsung Galaxy Fold in the US in the next few days according to the company's CEO Koh Dong-jin.

The statement follows after emails were sent out to customers that pre-orders will get automatically cancelled unless customers confirm otherwise to comply with US consumer regulations on pre-orders where foreign selling regulations in the US means that the company has to ship pre-ordered devices by May 31. If it isn't able to meet that date, then the company must automatically cancel all pre-orders.

The Galaxy Fold was originally set to release on April 26th but the launch date was put on hold indefinitely and a string of early review models experienced serious design flaws to the foldable device's main screen.

In a report from The Korea Herald, it reports that Samsung expects to make a call this week on when the phone wil be launched. Samsung's business chief told The Korea Herald, “(The company) has reviewed the defect caused from substances (that entered the device), and we will reach a conclusion in a couple of days (on the launch).”

On being asked for a timeline on the US launch, Koh said, “We will not be too late,” hinting that the launch will be rescheduled to an earlier date than has been speculated.

Samsung had taken back all its review units that it had given US technology journalists for review after many of them reported damage within 24 hours of use. The defects were apparently caused when substances entered inside the display through exposure caused by removing a protective layer, though some review units also experienced damage when the protective layer wasn't removed.

The company says it has taken measures including "strengthening the durability of the exposed areas on the hinge and minimizing the tiny gap between the protective layer and the bezel of the main display in order to prevent any external substances from penetrating the device."

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