Intel, Qualcomm and other chipmakers join Google in Huawei ban

Intel, Qualcomm and other chipmakers join Google in Huawei ban
Published: 20 May 2019 - 8:58 a.m.
Huawei's bad week is getting worse. Following a US government directive banning US based companies from doing business with the Chinese company, Bloomberg is reporting that Intel, Qualcomm among other chip makers are now forced to join in with Google from supplying Huawei with immediate notice.

Other companies such as Germany's Infineon technology and Western Digtal have suspended shipments as well according to Nikkei. This follows the move from Google who cut Huawei out from its Android licensing.

That is to say that Huawei isn't caught unaware, ongoing political tensions have made the Chinese company more perceptive to eventualities such as these and have prepared accordingly. They are currently, forced as they say to develop its own version on top of the free open source Android that Google provides to everyone without the support.

Bloomberg is also reporting that Huawei are three months ahead on supply and have been stockpiling on chips for its laptops, modems and mobile processors and they are currently waiting to see if the ban will continue to be imposed. The hostilities have escalated as the Trump administration has hunkered down in enforcing a negotiation of trade that has shaken the device market which has major implications globally.

Huawei's devices that are already out in market have been confirmed they will be supported.

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