SEGA Europe implements the Palo Alto networks security operating platform

SEGA Europe implements the Palo Alto networks security operating platform
Published: 23 May 2019 - 8:57 a.m.

Palo Alto Networks has announced that SEGA Europe chose the company's Security Operating Platform as the standard for its security operations, providing centralized cybersecurity detection and prevention for its London headquarters and five world-class development studios spanning the U.K., France, Bulgaria, and Canada.

With creative intellectual property at the core of Sega's IT business, securing the IT infrastructure supporting its development studios is important. However, its aging patchwork of point products lacked visibility and effectiveness against increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats.

Palo Alto Networks has enabled SEGA Europe to transform security from a detect-and-remediate approach to one of active prevention, leveraging real-time threat intelligence to thwart cyberthreats of all kinds-including zero-day attacks-before they are able to impact the business.

With the ability to centrally manage security policies across its geographically distributed business, SEGA Europe gained consistent policy enforcement, with the granular control to enable secure yet unimpeded access to applications and resources essential to developers and business staff at the game maker.

"The Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform offers such a comprehensive and unified approach to cybersecurity, we will be able to keep adding to the strong foundation we've built to stay ahead of the threats, which grow more sophisticated every day. By continually strengthening our visibility, control, and threat intelligence, we no longer have to worry about what our users are doing. We know our network and business assets are protected." Kashif Iqbal, head of Corporate IT and Cyber Security, SEGA Europe.

SEGA Europe deployed a range of Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls and is taking advantage of next-generation security capabilities such as App-ID technology to create application-specific security policies, and the cloud-based WildFire malware prevention service to detect and isolate known and unknown threats.

SEGA Europe also deployed GlobalProtect to ensure remote users, such as contractors, are consistently protected with the same policies and security measures as on-site employees. To speed threat analysis and response, SEGA Europe also uses the AutoFocus contextual threat intelligence service, providing root cause analysis and insights into exploit behavior, which enables SEGA Europe to quickly identify the source of the attack and prevent future attacks.

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