Assistance system supports efficient conductor processing

Assistance system supports efficient conductor processing
Published: 17 September 2020 - 9 a.m.
By: Staff writer

In industrial control cabinet manufacturing, processes still feature a large number of manual steps.

Phoenix Contact offers a solution in the form of the ClipX WIRE assist assistance system from the ClipX product family, which is designed to optimize processes along the entire value added chain.

The software-supported system guides users through the process of semi-automated conductor processing, controls the relevant output devices, and provides the necessary information based on CAE data.

The modular design of the workbench gives the user the freedom to arrange their workstation as desired, which along with the electrically adjustable height enables customized ergonomics for the application. In addition to the optimal reaching distances that are achieved, the assistance system’s mobility also reduces walking distances. This can shorten the processing time and increase efficiency.

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