Kaspersky discovers malware targeting ATMs

Kaspersky discovers malware targeting ATMs
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Published: 25 October 2017 - noon

Kaspersky lab researchers have discovered a malware targeting ATMs, which was being openly sold on the DarkNet market.

According to a press release, the malware, named Cutlet Maker enables ATM jackpotting if the attacker is able to gain physical access to the machine.

The toolset has been on sale since March 27 for just $5000 and came equipped with a step-by-step user guide.

‘Cutlet Maker, however as researchers discovered, the earliest known sample came on the radars of the security community in June 2016. At that time it was submitted to a public multi-scanner service from Ukraine, but later submissions from other countries were also made. It is not clear if the malware was used in actual in the wild attacks, however the guidelines that came with the malware kit contained videos which were presented by their authors as real life proof of the malware’s efficiency,’ the press release said.

“It is unknown who is behind this malware. Regarding potential sellers of the toolkit, language, grammar and stylistic mistakes point to the fact they are non-native English speakers,” it stated.

“Cutlet Maker requires almost no advanced knowledge or professional computer skills from the criminal, transforming ATM hacking from a sophisticated offensive cyber operation into yet another illegal way to earn money that is available to practically anyone who has several thousand dollars to purchase the malware. This may potentially become a dangerous threat to financial organizations. But what is more important is that while operating, Cutlet Maker interacts with the ATMs software and hardware, encountering almost no security obstacles at all. This should be changed in order to harden ATM machines”, says Konstantin Zykov, security researcher at Kaspersky Lab.

In order to protect ATMs from attacks with the help of malicious tools like Cutlet Maker and in addition to providing reliable physical security to ATMs, Kaspersky Lab specialists have advised financial organizations security teams to implement strict default-deny policies; enable device control mechanisms; and use a tailored security solution to protect your ATMs from attacks from the likes of the Cutlet Maker malware, the release said.

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