INSYS icom and GILDEMEISTER to boost energy efficiency

INSYS icom and GILDEMEISTER to boost energy efficiency
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Published: 21 August 2019 - 1:32 p.m.
By: Baset Asaba

INSYS icom, a leading supplier of technology for industrial data communication and networking, and GILDEMEISTER energy efficiency – provider of solutions for monitoring energy consumption and processes in the corporate environment – are pooling their know-how.

Their joint solution enables companies to implement an energy management system (EnMS) which conforms to DIN EN ISO 50001, in order to continuously improve internal processes and systems, helping achieve their energy targets.

The cooperation then contributes significantly towards increased energy efficiency and improved climate protection management.

Rising energy prices, intense competition and statutory requirements from mandatory energy audits under the new Energy Services Act (EDL-G) as well as tax refunds under § 10 of the Electricity Tax Act (“Peak balancing”, Efficiency System Directive) make energy management obligatory for many companies. The customers of both companies accordingly benefit from the partnership between INSYS icom and GILDEMEISTER energy efficiency.

If the VPN routers and IoT gateways of the latest INSYS icom series are already in use in buildings or technical facilities, energy management can be easily implemented.

This is because the GILDEMEISTER energy efficiency software can be loaded directly onto the existing hardware and can send the data collected by the router directly to its energy management portal. There the energy efficiency can be analysed and evaluated.

“This saves our customers an additional router and consequently the management and maintenance of a further hardware component. Thanks to this partnership with GILDEMEISTER, they can now improve the energy efficiency of their machines, systems and buildings as a supplement to existing applications. In this way they expand their existing data technology. They are gradually taking the path of digitalisation in line with our principle of step-by-step IoT,” states Wolfgang Wanner, Senior Manager for Sales & Business Development at INSYS icom.

This also applies in a different way: with the devices from INSYS icom, companies that wish to implement further applications for their energy management (now or in the future) in addition to the software from GILDEMEISTER energy efficiency are already well positioned today. For example, in addition to energy management, remote maintenance of machines and systems can be set up as well as - in the next step - status monitoring with an alarm function in the event of a fault.

“This cooperation has the great advantage that we can offer our customers one-stop shopping for a complete solution which goes beyond energy management, and thus enables them to maintain a high degree of flexibility and investment security. Remote access opens up completely new options for the all-round servicing of machines and systems - and it saves time and money,” says Sebastian Braun, Managing Director of GILDEMEISTER energy efficiency.

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