Increase in uptime using Netilion

Increase in uptime using Netilion
Published: 18 June 2019 - 10:23 a.m.
By: Baset Asaba

Every maintenance engineer is always on a lookout for a maintenance plan that improves plant reliability while reducing costs. More often than not, finding the right balance between the two is a big challenge.

Before embarking on any maintenance regime however, it is important to understand the asset landscape within the plant. This can be done by conducting an Installed Base Audit (IBA). IBA helps plant managers and maintenance departments to identify all the process instruments and measurement devices in the plant, understand diversity of manufactures & accomplish spares optimization, determine maintenance & calibration procedures and timeline for each device, keep the devices and processes running at peak efficiency, and reduce total cost of ownership.

It is seen that usually 30% of the of assets installed in plants are obsolete. This can demand extra time in case of an unplanned shutdown. As a plant owner are you aware about this? Do you know at what percentage is your plant? This is where digitalization comes in. By making things visible and transparent in the plant, gives plant owners the opportunity to make strategic developments like reactive maintenance (spare parts inventory optimization and determining technical training requirements), predictive maintenance (optimizing calibration procedures and intervals), standardization of the installed base (to keep your installed base modern and effective) and to create a migration strategy (developed in line with the standardization planning).

Endress+Hauser’s ‘Netilion’ helps you in doing just that in a very simple and easy way. With just two steps – Register & connect your devices, you can digitalize your plant and start benefitting immediately.

While digitalizing your plant, you create digital twins of all your assets and build the first connection to them. This will be the first step to many future functionalities and improvements.

You can get an overview on what equipment is currently installed. Create lists, organize your assets the way you like and increase your knowledge on your installed base and make your plant transparent.

You can reduce the maintenance effort by getting evaluations on obsolescence and standardization possibilities of your equipment and reduce the complexity in the field and for your team.

Get to know which assets are not available anymore and receive successor recommendations - fully automatically. Act consequently and increase your reactivity thereby reducing risk and increasing plant’s uptime.

Handling documentation becomes effective as there will be less supporting documentation to manage
The best part is once you have collected data of an asset, it is instantly available on all your devices and wherever you are.

Most importantly, we know and consider that your data is valuable. That's why we protect it just like your e-banking activities. It is well secured and fully transparent.

Netilion Analytics uses present and past information to reveal improvement potential that you would have never thought of before.
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